I'm Lori.  Lori Ann  if I'm in trouble, but please, call me Lori.

Many years ago I was a young, single mom of one little girl in pigtails. I was going to college and trying my best to make a home for the two of us - while finding my way through life, alone.

And then one late night... by the flickering light of a fire... I met my Savior.  Through tears and minced words He embraced me right where I was - an unwed mother of a child whom He intended to use to change my life.

Since that time I've completed my degree and am now a certified teacher (B.S.Ed.) with a minor in educational psychology.  I have multiple years of experience ranging from the public school venue, to home schooling my own two daughters for the past eleven years.  I've taught numerous home school co-op classes, and served in various ministries within the church.  I married a wonderful man and had another our second daughter and three miscarriages.  I've moved way too many times, in my life, to count (27 times).  I've been the co-owner of three houses, ten cars, three dogs, three cats, three birds, and a partridge in a pear tree.  I have been a foster mother to twenty children who've come through our doors over the years.  I have some experience.

But with all those qualifications, I'm still a mess...

Grace is the most amazing thing of all.

I continue to stand in awe when I read how God changes lives through those humble pages penned so many years ago. It stands proof that God really does use broken, messed up, and fallible lives despite ourselves.  I still read those words.  But the only words that really matter?

...are those I choose to live daily.

I'm not so young a mom any more, and my girls are [nearly] grown, but I'm still doing my best to feather my nest for the family He's given me.  I do it with a little more perspective these days.  My priorities are a bit different and there's a whole lot less perfectionism, and a lot more assurance of the goodness of God. This little corner of the web is my place to share what I've learned and what I'm [still] learning.

I've gone through life taking the most mundane things for granted.  Something it seems I'm not able to escape is the presence of God.  I'm not able to look at anything without seeing Him.  Nor can I hear something without thinking of Him.  Then one night, as I was looking up at the stars in the sky, a thought presented itself to me "...I am looking at the same stars Abraham did so many hundreds of years ago - the stars that he stared up at after making a covenant with the one and only true God."  It was at that moment I internalized, it didn't matter where I was or what I was doing - I am always in His Holy Presence.

As for the name of my blog...

There has been a dream within my heart for many years.  A dream sparked by the possibility of inheriting 'the family farmhouse'.  A large, 1898 farmhouse sitting on 22 acres.  That dream never came to fruition, but the dream never died.  These days, as the family is changing, a large house isn't exactly needed anymore - in fact the smaller I can get it less I have to clean, the better.  However, the dream of a farmhouse on some land is what has been woven into my heart.  So, we set out searching for our own farmhouse and found it.  Our little place... well it isn't even a "farmhouse" by definition.  But it will look like it; with a little ingenuity.  So these days are spent making this little place our own - a nest in which to feather, to make memories, to establish traditions, and leave a legacy.

What I believe:

photo credit Ali

I believe in God.  The one true God who created the heavens and the earth.  The One who made the birds to fly and the trees to grow.  I believe He is capable of anything, for nothing is impossible for Him.

I believe in Jesus Christ.  The perfect One.  He who walked with man, as God.  That took my sins upon himself, descending into hell itself so that I might Live.  He that changes man from the inside, out.

I believe in the Cross.  The symbol of He who hung on it for our sins.  Whose blood flowed down and washed me clean.  The tree He carried to save me.

I believe in the Holy Spirit.  And living by it.  As He whispers guidance, encouragement, and love in my deafened ear - it hears.

I believe in the infallibility of the Holy Bible.  God-breathed words.  The purest.  The undefiled. Words that provide nourishment to my soul.  Words that guide me each day.  Words I can trust. 

I believe there is more than being Saved.  I believe there is more than simply believing. Living what I believe, that's the key.  It's more than the message we preach, but the life we live.
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