Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentines Day; 5 Year Ago

We went to church - had no heat so service was cancelled.
Daniel took me bowling and out for dessert - we both hurt our hand and now have a headache from the amount of sugar.  But the time spent together was wonderful!  I love spending time with him.
But I wanted more redemption somehow, so I came home and looked at pictures.  I came across the Valentine portraits I took of the girls 5 years ago.

Sydney 5 years ago
Sydney this year
Ali 5 years ago
Ali this year
It's startling to see what impact 5 years has on someone, but more than how much these two have changed on the outside -- I'm blown away at the transformation on the inside.  They have both become young women of God; loving Him in full-abandon.  Giving of themselves in time, energy, and gifts.  With all honesty -- something I had no idea of at either of their ages.

Ali is planning to go to Africa and is currently working toward that end.  
Sydney desires to start and lead a youth choir -- in the future.
Ali is going through online bible college classes.
Sydney is finishing high school early.
Ali love to play the piano.
Sydney sings.

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