Monday, January 11, 2016

Snippets From Syd: Hand Motions

Our second service happened yesterday - January 10, 2016.

Our entire family is involved in the calling of Church On the Way; we all have unique giftings and are using them as needed within this minstry.  I, for one, am doing the children's story & music time.  The new ideas of "children's church" is something we don't have for this congregation, instead we believe, whole heartedly, in parenting in the pews.

Anyhow... this Sunday we talked about prayer through the little boy Samuel - how his mother prayed for him and God answered her prayer.  We then sang a song called "Standing In the Need of Prayer"...

All this to say -

On the way home, our youngest daughter, Sydney and I had a very short, but sweet conversation regarding children's music at church...

Sydney:  "You know, Mom...  I remember learning new songs when I was little and it was so much easier and more fun when there were hand motions to go with it.  If it were me teaching - I would create hand motions to go with the songs."

Me:  "That is a fantastic idea, Sydney!!!!  What song will you be teaching them next Sunday?"

Don't you just love how God places the call in the hearts of His children (GodWink).

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