Monday, December 21, 2015

Things of Old

I love things of old.  I've said it before.  I don't much care if they hold antique value - I just love old.

I bought this old patchwork quilt at a garage sale in the spring - I consider it one of my few finds.  I love the hand crocheted coverlet that is under it.  I wonder how long it took for these things to be hand-crafted?  Things of old tell a story... and now I'm part of that story.

The chair was a $1 garage sale find too... it supports me every morning as I read my bible.  I wonder how many other people sat in this chair as they spent quiet time with God?

The shelf on the wall is another thing of old.  I'm sure this is not the first time it's held Ironstone china.  The rocking goose... how many hours of enjoyment has this simple toy evoked in the life of a child?  There are many more where those came from - for our grandchildren.  No - there's nothing to announce ;o)


  1. I loved this post!!! I will NEVER look at those few things the same again :) I guess I've always wondered the story behind some of the things you bring home (like Hazel's plunder box???).

    Merry Christmas Momma!
    Ali ♥

    1. Ah yes... Hazel's plunder box! With a name like that you know there has to be a story. Maybe we should make one up, just like we did with Carla!


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