Thursday, December 10, 2015

Farmhouse Christmas Tree

Ok.  So maybe I'm glorifying this in saying it's a "farmhouse" tree....
I have an inner hidden passion for wirey-natural-Charlie-Brown-type trees.  My family doesn't quite share in my passion, but this year I spotten one and KNEW that was the tree I wanted and they tolerated humored my werid love this year and allowed this unwanted spindly thing as our tree.  It really does look quite country.  Reminds me of the song " when country wasn't cool...".  So not "cool", but unique.

We all did our part to decorate the tree.  Of course Daniel not only fell the tree, and trimmed it, and carried it inside... he is the lights person - this job gave him a run for his money.

The girls strung popcorn.

Oh... and tinsel... what's a country tree without the messy, striny tinsel that glistens in the light?  That was my job... I threw the shredded tinsel all over the living room tree, tied little, red bows on each limb, and hung bitty red ball ornaments.

Our dog, Nickerson, is also doing his part... behaving himeself.  He wants to eat the popcorn - so far no kernals as missing (keeping fingers crossed). 

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