Friday, December 18, 2015

Fail To Plan - Plan To Fail

Yesterday I posted a 14-day menu plan for my THM friends to see.  I received many questions via facebook and right here on the blog about the how's and why's, so I thought it might be appropriate to follow up with a short post regarding those questions.

I learned early on - if I fail to plan, I plan to fail.  I don't know exactly where this quote came from - I know the sisters used it in their books, but other than that it's just something that I know to be true - a personal virtue if you will.

chicken, bbq, cheddar, & green onion Perfect Pizza

I don't know why I can't just "wing it" and do fine on my food freedom journey, but I can't.  I started at the beginning of 2015 and went strong planning for a little over four months and then I decided I wanted to "freestyle" becuase I seemed to have the program down pat.  Let me just say I face-planted good!  I was off plan for a couple months - thankfully not gaining any weight back - but never-the-less off plan COMPLETELY.  I started to feel yucky, my skin wasn't as nice, and honestly I started stinking (I know TMI).  I jumped back on plan and with no delays started losing again - my body needs this lifestyle.

So now... I never forget my planning.  It is an essential of life - at least for a weight-losing-life-of-a-trim-healthy-mama.  Even if I don't have the time to sit down and do a full week all at one time, I make sure I have written down (and verified all the ingredients) my plan for the next day.  Then hopefully the next day I can finish the planning for the rest of the week. 

So, how do I decide what to have and why?

I was, at first, scared of E meals.  I'm sure this was because I had been brain-washed into thinking carbs were from the devil.  I started with a pretty heavy S menu.  Once the water weight was lost and my body became accustomed to no sugar - I stalled.  I read the book again.  EAT "E" MEALS the sisters wrote.  Well, if I intend to look half as good as either one of them - I thought I should do what they were suggesting (they're obviously the pros)!  I encorporated more E's and my size started dropping, rapidly.  Score!!!

From there with no rhyme or reason I started alternating E's and S's sporatically; E,S,E,S,S,E,S,E,E....  Then I considered fuel pulls.  The sisters ALSO said to incorporate FP, but no more than two or three a week.  Three (I thought, hmmm....); breakfast, lunch, dinner.  So one breakfast each week is a FP, one lunch per week, and then one dinner.  One of those usually being a fuel pull salad.  That really encouraged those fat cells to move out.  Even losing footing throughout the middle of the year - I've managed to lose a total of 95 pounds from my highest weight.

I'm no expert at this plan.  I've only just learned what works for me.  I have 50 pounds to go to reach my "established" goal weight, but we'll see what happens after I get there.   And then there's the task of learning those crossover XO cousins - more trial and error I'm sure.

single serve cinnamon muffin in a mug with 000 vanilla yogurt

One last thing I'd like to include... don't be afraid of snacks, but don't think you have to have them.  If you're hungry - eat a snack.  If you're not hungry - don't force yourself.  And don't deprive your body of what you're so use to eating (sugar), make sure to schedule those yummy desserts so you (and your family) never feel deprived.  Learn to listen to your body and allow it to speak - this isn't a diet, it's a diet-change to a lifestyle.

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