Monday, August 10, 2015

Farmhouse Garden: Onions

For several weeks my front [covered] porch has been littered with this sight...

But today was the time for me to take care of it.

First thing is first.  When harvesting onions you have to allow them to sit out and dry.  It might have taken less time if I had a place to dry them that would have been in the direct sun and without rain for a time, but that wasn't in the cards for these.  So my front porch was the next best thing - they received all of the morning sun and then shaded and breezy at about 11:30am.  Our house faces east.  I had to wait until the tops were all very dry...

Then I proceeded to cut the tops off leaving about an inch of the stem.

Once the stem was successfully removed I took all the excess, dirty skin off the outside of the onion.

A few of the onions had gotten soft so peeling down to the [still] usable onion was the only way to salvage and not waste perfectly good onion.  They would have to be used right away.

Pretty soon I had completed the task and the fruit of my labor was a full Ironstone bowl full of fresh, organic onions.

Chickens like color and go after it, hard.  Many of my red onions had nibbles in them which helped them to rot.  Who knew chickens would like onions!!!!  And... I used a LOT of them fresh.  Reds are my personal favorites for salads.

I couldn't help but look down and see this and think of fall... the colors along with the coolish breeze reminded me that summer is almost over and fall is at our heels.

Then I had to deal with the flowers.  

Those round pods are the beginnings of next year's onions.  They will be the seed that produce my seed onions that get planted early next spring.  I don't know how many I'll get nor do I know which is which, but I expect all these flowers will provide a bounty! Each little flower contains three seeds.

Remains go to the compost.

Then there are the few that need to be cleaned and used right away...

Of course then there are the perplexed thoughts - when I take my fresh onions in the house - of where I'm going to store them.  However, it won't take us long to go through these.  We like onions!!!

Today is Sydney's birthday, so I must go fix a homemade Chipotle dinner!  
So, until next time...
Blessings to you and your family!

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