Monday, July 27, 2015

The Humble Confessions of a Wagon-Jumping THMer

It's true... I am a wagon-jumping THMer.  Not because it wasn't working for me.  Not because the food I was eating wasn't delicious and satisfying enough.  Not even because I was bored of it.  But instead because of:

~ Mother's Day ~
~ My Birthday ~
~ Spring Fling ~
~ Father's Day ~
~ Church Fellowship ~
~ Daniel's Birthday ~
~ 4th of July Picnic ~
~ VBS ~

And now, since they are all over and I can get a grip... it's back to THM.  If you have any doubt regarding this diet eating style, don't.  It has been the easiest thing I've ever done and it becomes almost effortless after a few weeks.  Unfortunately, the down side to THM is the knowledge you're armed with - when you do go "off plan" you understand why the garbage you're eating does what it does to your body.  Ignorance is, sometimes, bliss :o)

Yesterday was my first official day back on, with great success (even with Oreos in the house).  This morning was a scramble with leftover veggies a few strawberries and a small glass of organic, raw milk.  (milk is not a plan-approved beverage, but I love it so I don't deprive myself of it a few times a week).

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