Thursday, June 04, 2015

Spring Fling 2015

Well, we did it.  We had our first annual Spring Fling, May 31, 2015!!!!  And it was AH-mazingly fun.  We're wondering why we haven't done this before now.  Seriously - I love to entertain - and this was right up my Ali alley.  Hahaha... no pun intended there ;o)  We had lots of preparations to do and each one of us did our part.  Of course there were "sacks" to fill as prizes for the "sack race" participants.

And there were jelly beans to count (and nibble on, ahem...) for the jelly bean guessing contest.

Just in case you're wondering... 552!

The first order of business when people arrived were to put them on six teams, designated by different colors and send them out (with their team members) to scavenge.

Anything on the property was fair game - they just had to make a wreath out of their finds.

There were some that chose not to hunt, but rather be the assemblers of the team ;o)

They were all over the place.

We had three judges (I am NOT one of them, although my ace looks very intent).  The winner's prize was being first in the line for dinner.  Then second, then third.

 The guys started a tournament of corn hole.

The women continued to be goofy.

There was a lot of relaxing...

We had all ages join us.  Some in their 80's....

All the way down to those that were 8!

In all we had about 50 come out for the fun.  You can't hardly tell, but in the next picture the kids are chasing chickens... yep, we had chicken races too!

Lots of laughter was had by watching those who participated...

We had a tug of war to decide who when through the dessert line first.  Let me tell you something - when dessert is on the line... you want this guy on your team.  Don't let his clean shaven, soft and quiet look fool you (LOL!)... this dude is strong!  He works as the warehouse manager at part of Daniel's work and he's used to throwing boxes of auto parts (I suspect engines) around.  

His team went through the dessert line first - as the participants from the other side of the rope (ahem... me!) lay on the ground, licking our wounds.  He had help, but I think he could have whooped us single-handed.  After enlarging the picture I noticed the face he's making and the fact that he's crushing a bottle with his bare hands - I tried to think of something witty to say, but couldn't do it justice, so you can fill in the blank...

"Why I outta ________________________________....."

We had a birthday girl among us.  There were several of us (me included) that had just celebrated our birthdays right beforehand, but this gal chose to have hers fall on the exact day of our scheduled event - can you believe the nerve.  LOL!  This is our pastor's wife, Reba.  She didn't want anyone to know it was her birthday, but we surprised her and one of the ladies from the church baked a simple cake and we all sang. 

This is He-man's (previous strong man mentioned) grandson... I think it runs in the genes ;o)

One set of our neighbors, Ryan and Kristi

Emily... she and her brother filled all the water balloons for the water balloon toss.  Which, I'm sorry, I'm missing a picture of, but my husband and his partner were the winners of.  Then.... get this.... I throw one water balloon and they all gang up on me!  Can you believe that.  Not my fault it actually hit someone. ;o)

We also had a FREEZE-OFF which in simple english... a homemade ice cream contest.  We had four entries; heath bar ice cream, cookie monster ice cream, old-fashion vanilla, and then the winner... vanilla bean peach.  And the winner?  My husband, Daniel.  The man that can't cook!  AND... he made it last minute.  It was really good and the judges liked all the flavors, but his was voted the tastiest.  Therefore, he won the "Golden Scoop".

OH.... I almost forgot!  The winner of the scavenged wreath contest...

They were all very unique and pretty, but the judges said this one was visually the most pleasing.

I'm sorry that I don't have more pictures, but I was kinda busy managing other things.  Perhaps I'll designate someone specific to take pictures at our next get-together, which will be our Harvest Festival in early October!  I can hardly wait - the planning has already begun.
Coming up next week - the dinning room.  But until then, be Blessed!  

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