Thursday, June 25, 2015

On the Farm: Black Raspberries & White Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are something I've wanted for so.... long.  I planted them at a house we lived in Iowa, but we sold the house before I ever got to see them bloom the following spring.  Then we started renting and I wasn't about to buy them, to plant them, to LeAvE them behind (again).  Then my mother bought me the stars and stripes trio; red, white, and blue.  The red and white died - in one way or another.  But the blue lived on and I planted and moved that little bush with me everyplace we moved, thereafter.  Today it grows wonderfully in my north garden.  It's just starting to bloom for the first time in it's life.  I'll take pictures and post when those beautiful blooms are more mature.

However, my neighbor has a large bed of the old fashioned hydrangea.  White!!!!  She asked me earlier this year if I would like some as she was thinning that bed of hers - of course I said yes.  I planted them around the northwest corner of our house, surrounding the deck.  They are doing wonderfully!  So wonderful that I was finally able to bring in some cuttings of the little beauties to adorn my table.  The lone little daisy is one that Ali found outside while hanging clothes out and brought in to me, because she knows I love them.  Sweet girl!!!

A glimpse into the dining room...

Hydrangeas outside my back door.  Next year after a good year establishing strong roots - these things will be much larger and even more full of blooms.  Excitement!

Is there anything better to adorn the middle of a farm table than white hydrangeas, vintage linens, and ironstone platters?

In other areas of the property we have wild (can you say oRgAnIc) black raspberries.  Daniel and I took our pup for a walk around the perimeter and thought we'd stop and get a handful to munch on during our stay outdoors.  They are in full bloom and ready for the harvest so I ran quickly back into the house to grab the colander.  We picked about six pounds.  And if we wait another day or so we'll have just as many more to pick on the next walk.

The plan was for me to make some black raspberry goodness in the form of jam, but after some consideration and Daniel saying that he'd like to try black raspberry ice cream, we decided to freeze them to use at later times.  In any case, we still have plenty of blueberry and peach jam left from last year.


PS - In other news - we are only missing one door in our house now.  Daniel installed one of the two missing bathroom doors last night and I couldn't be more thrilled.  I'm headed home to start the prep work for painting.  I'm actually thinking of tiling the shower room  (this summer) BeFoRe the drywall is done.  We'll have to see.  Our plans were to tear out the fireplace to make room for our new-to-us wood stove and that hasn't even begun.  Garden has taken priority (or should I say the wEEds in the garden have taken priority).
Until next week....

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