Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ali's Bedroom Floor

I know... I told you, last week, that I was going to post about the dining room, but something very exciting happened this past weekend and I just can't wait to share!

We had guests coming to stay with us over the past weekend and one of the many (lingering) projects was just that - still lingering.  Ali's bedroom floor....  They were going to be staying in Ali's room and I thought - we have the floor - it's been inside acclimating to the indoor temps - I've got the time, tools, and hardware - it's time to JUST DO IT!

Her room was once used as a storage room (during early renovations), but she's been living on the same sub-floor as shown in the picture below.  Splinters, staples, and seams... oh my!  She was beaming at the possibility when I mentioned doing it.  

So much so that I taught her how to lay the flooring and she and I tackled it in one full 8-hour day (Daniel did the portions that required special cutting).

Daniel had already done all the undercutting for the door jams, so morning came and flooring began.  Starting with the tar paper...

The rest of the house we had taken up all the baseboard, but this time around it fit SO well (even without shoe moulding) that we decided to just go with it!  She measured... I cut!

And wah-lah....  I love it.  So does Ali.  We used some reclaimed flooring that we bought off Craigslist and I couldn't be happier with the weathered, old look of it.

The decorating portion still to come, but this is a BIG deal.  I think she's already swept her room three times and it's only been down five days.  Is that really all the incentive she needed????

Sydney's room is next - and now - she's EXTREMELY excited!


  1. Hey friend... just started following this cute little blog. Happy for an opportunity to keep up with you guys! :)

    1. Hey there... Glad to see your smiling face on here, come on over anytime!


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