Thursday, May 14, 2015

Things We've Been Busy With Outside

My dear friend from Colorado Nebraska has been after me to post some recent pictures to the blog so she can see what we've been up to.  I realized that I hadn't posted any updates of the place for a very long time so I figured it was about time...

The dogwoods have been in full bloom here...  I love them and plan to add more the property (maybe next year).

And for the first time in a very long time I've been able to see what I planted come up for a second season.  The perennial garden around the house is doing very well.

I finally have my lilac...  this one is still a baby, but lilacs are cheaper when they're a baby.

A friend/neighbor of mine gave me some old fashioned white hydrangeas that I planted around the back deck.  They haven't yet bloomed, but I am looking forward to it!

A few more little things on the back porch - 

...from our church on mother's day...

The front porch is finally starting to look like a front porch instead of a work shop and storage building.

I have my porch swing... and the quilt over the back is an old thing I scored from a garage sale for $3.  However, I still have a pile of extra mouldings on the floor behind the swing because it's the only place we have to keep them that's dry and out of the way.  OH!  And by the way... see that screen door on the front there?  That was my mother's day gift from my hubby.  It will be painted later, but for now - the bugs can't forage freely in our house!

On the other end of the porch I have a few old, rustic things that I found and put together.

The property itself is beginning to shape up.

We've planted our very own little orchard; 3 apple, two peach, and two plum trees...

We lost all our Buff Orpingtons and our wonderful rooster over the winter.  We think it was a family of hungry fox, but we're not sure.  So this spring we bought another straight run of what we thought were Buffs, but it seems they may be Red Sex Links... not quite sure yet.

We also bought four Leghorn pullets - we'll have green, blue, brown, and white eggs now :o)

However... being close to the house I got tired of the smell and noise, so Daniel put wheels under it and converted our chicken coop into a very heavy chicken tractor and moved it out further in the property!

And the garden...

So far I have (that you can't quite see) planted lettuce, tomatoes, green beans, onions, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage, zucchini, spaghetti squash, and lots of herbs.

The west side of the garden my hubby built me an arbor with bench.  It's almost done - soon I'll actually be able to sit on it.  It was going to be for kiwi which is planted elsewhere now, but I bought a couple clematis to climb it.  The raised bed you see is strawberries.  There is a matching bed that will also be strawberries (next year).

This is the east side of the garden.  Just out of the camera's view is a row of blueberries.  Winter was pretty hard on them so we'll see how a good, strong growing season does them.  Maybe we'll actually get berries!  In this picture you can see the red romaine lettuce, red leaf lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, and onions.

Now... on the north side of the garden we have raspberry bushes.

Hope you have enjoyed a tour of what we've been doing outside of our home.  Hopefully (keeping my fingers crossed) next week I'll share what we've accomplished on the inside...


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  1. It all looks great. You have been extremely busy. Thanks for sharing.


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