Thursday, May 28, 2015

Farmhouse Kitchen: Updates

Well, as promised I here is the post on the kitchen updates.  There are still a very few things left for us to do - the floor being the biggest, but that's not scheduled to happen until the rest of the floors throughout the house are done and ready for refinishing (maybe next spring).

Remember how the kitchen used to look when we closed on the house?

Then we started the remodel...

This is the kitchen as it is right now...

I loved the hutch that was in here (LOVED IT!), but it wasn't functional.  I was always concerned about water ruining the finish as dishes were being put away or worried about the family slamming the doors to hard and breaking that wonderful bowed glass.  As a replacement we decided to go with another bank of cabinets and I have to say... I am SO glad this is what we did.  It provides more space and buffet dinners are well-served with this extra counter space.  I upper two (middle) cabinet doors are going to be glass sometime in the near future.  I have the glass - I just need to devote the time to find someone who will do it.  In the meantime this is what the east wall of the kitchen looks like.

The other side of the the kitchen I opted for open shelving.  I wanted to hone in on the more utilitarian decorative side.  Everything you see is used, almost daily.

I'm on the hunt for a self-standing (old-looking) cabinet for the left side of the stove, but I haven't found the perfect thing yet.  I found a bar of Ikea hooks at the thrift store for $.29 that I had Daniel mount on the end of the island.  I really didn't think about the location, but it works per-fect-ly for dish towels because there's a vent right below it so when there's air moving - it dries the towels quickly (aka - no mildew smells)

And of course there are a few extra hooks for a couple antique, embroidered towels and wisk brooms :o)

The stools for the breakfast bar were a steal from Craigslist.  Four of them for a song.  The three here are going to be painted and the fourth sits next to a bed elsewhere in the house as a night stand.  The great hardware tray was imported from Iowa... it was part of my birthday gift!

The sink that I thought I would be forever satisfied with... I'm not so satisfied with.  But neither is Daniel so that makes it ok :o)  Plans are to get another sink and faucet in the future sometime.

This upcoming week we have our first annual Spring Fling.  Hope to be back next Thursday, Lord willing, to share how it turns out.  Until then ;o)

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