Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Poultry Massacre Fall 2014

We had a very traumatic event happen this week.  We came home from lunch, after church, on Sunday.  And the sight we saw was more than any one of us could handle.  Feathers and dead chickens strewn across the yard.  We could see three immediately, but we didn't see any live chickens.  As we drove up we also saw two puppies sitting innocently, wagging their tails, affectionately for us - with feathers hanging from their jowls.  And anger immediately flamed.  Sydney's favorite rooster Mayverick was among the dead.

Mayverick was calling his girls in this picture...  However the irony of the situation is; we were going to keep him and slaughter the other this coming weekend.  Mayverick and the youngest rooster died protecting their flock, while the other (the one we were going to slaughter) remains.  Guess plans have changed.

We found one golden girl down in the fields several yards from our house, still alive, but severely injured.  If we had known how... we should have killed her and put her out of her misery right then, but Daniel is learning how... this weekend.  Sydney brought her in the house and put her in our baby chicks box giving her food, water, and lots of love.  Last night she got up and started to walk around the box, eat, and drink.  It was her last surge of energy before she died.  Sydney found her this morning :o(

It's very cool and rainy here today, but Syd put on her muckers, grabbed a shovel, and took "Sophia" to her final resting place.  She dug the hole and cried.  Mayverick is laid to rest down there too.  We lost a total of five chickens.  Five needless deaths because of our naivety - to not leave your cute, sweet, docile puppies outside with your chickens.  One of the two collars for the underground fence failed and that's all that needed to happen.  And the one who's collar still worked has a very high tolerance for pain, so it was a free-for-all.  After all the anger and thoughts of getting rid of both pups, we realized... instinct is not their fault.  They were just having fun with their sqwakedy, feathered friends and we enabled the situation.  Part of living on a farm, I suppose, the learning process I mean.

Daniel and I were talking this morning.  Syd has had a lot of disappointment in her life just recently.  We had to get rid of another of the original four chicks that we had.  She was quite fond of Peepers, but he was a rooster also and we had to thin the numbers.  Then her hamster died.  And then the chickens; Mayverick.  And we were pondering - what is this portion of her life shaping her for?  We know and believe that all things work together for our good and the glory of God, but how does this fit in to His plan and purpose for her life?  Only time may tell.

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