Saturday, October 11, 2014

Master Bedroom Progress

This is how our room has looked for some time.  Granted... we've had much more piled in it up to this point, but it's still a mess. 

The other side of the room shows a little more of the mess, but that's not why I'm showing this post.  Notice the sub-floor? Yep, we've been living on these sub-floors since we pulled the carpet.  Granted - these ugly sub-floors are much better than the carpet that was in here, but I've longed for wood flooring.

From the hallway...

We've moved everything over to one side of the room with a goal for day 1:  finish enough flooring to put the bed back in place in order to sleep on it that night - which was about half.

Ready to start...

...but first we had to remove the baseboard and Daniel had to undercut the door frame to accommodate the flooring.

...tar paper and more wood!!!

The first night we did get half the floor done and were able to move the bed over to the wall we wanted it on.  You can see a difference in the flooring in this picture.  The wood up by the door is brand new red oak we bought from Lowe's back in August.  The rest of the floor is also red oak, but it is reclaimed red oak that we bought (off Craigslist) from an old house that had been torn down for about $1 per sq. ft.  You can also see closet doors over in the left of the picture....  Yes we have a closet, it's just not trimmed and painted yet so I'm waiting to post about it once everything is finished.

And then life happened and we didn't get back to it for a few days.  And when we did...

The compressor failed!  We're hunting for a new one right now... hopefully we'll get this done soon.  Don't worry... I'll post pictures of it all once we're finished!

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