Monday, October 27, 2014

Master Bath Update

But I'm still here... and still working on house!

Things are going well.  We decided to work on the master bath area first since we were doing the floor in the master bedroom.  I wanted to have some sort of a "ooooh" factor in each room as you round the corner - so in the master bath I decided to plank the walls; ship lap look-alike.

We used luan as the ship lap material since it was the cheapest.  And I have to tell ya... neither one of us was feeling the love for look of this particular project at about this point.  Sorry for the bad picture - was with my phone, at night, with a terrible light fixture to work with.  We decided to do this over the raw drywall because IF we didn't like it and had to tear it out, there would be little nail holes to contend with.  But I knew I would love it when it was all said and done.

Displaying CAM00472.jpg

Luckily I recall seeing this same stage in many of the inspiration projects for others too.  And I remember thinking... yuck!  I don't like that, but I lOvEd the after photos of their projects - so that kept me going (not so much with Daniel, he wasn't feeling it).  We finished that wall and he did the special cuts over the doors one night, but I did the rest of the planking, priming, and some painting the next day.

If you recall when we walked through the house upon closing - this area looked like this...

Today, it looks like this...

Corner and ceiling mouldings haven't been done yet, but we'll be doing those very soon (relatively speaking).  And see the wall the towel is hanging on?  That's the back wall of our new master bedroom closet - yep it's in and full of clothes!  Update on that coming soon also :o)  So many things to share and so little time!


  1. Absolutely amazing work, Mrs. B!! I'm drooling over your selected style- it came together beautifully! Love the planked walls and accessories!

    P.S. Beats the one in the woods by a long shot, eh? ;)

    1. Thank you very much, Miss T!!! And yes... the indoor loo is much more desireable than the outdoor "loo", and more comfortable too. Those barberries proved to be a real thorn in my back side ;)


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