Monday, October 20, 2014

Dress-Up and Photo Shoot

It all started with her rescuing her feather boa from the impending Goodwill pile.

Her sister then added the scarf on her head that has traveled over 6000 miles, from Israel, to make it's debut on Sydney's head.

Then a friend said she needed a belt - so I (a product of the 80's) grabbed the other scarf that had traveled from Israel and pulled a trick with it around her hips.

Sydney ran to her nature stock, grabbed a feather, and applied it to the get-up.

And there you have it...  


...teenage style or should I say Sydney style?

I grabbed the camera and started the photo shoot - for posterity's sake. 

I love that she still wants to be a kid (sometimes).

1 comment:

  1. Oh and let's not forget my $5 dollar glasses hahaha.
    Sydney is a character lol ...... what would we do without her?
    Just think ..... now we can use these later in down the road - say for her graduation .... or better yet - her wedding haha!

    Love ya!


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