Thursday, October 02, 2014

Brown Eggs

All of our chickens have begun laying now.  The first petite green one was from our sweet little Americauna, Midnight.  However, we also have a grouping of ten Buff Orpingtons (that are the same age as the original four) we affectionately refer to as our "golden girls".  They all look the same so we couldn't name each of them as we've been able to the rest.  When talking to one of them, we reference them by one of four names; Blanch, Rose, Sofia, or Dorothy (after the once popular tv show, Golden Girls (as I'm sure you figured out).  

They too have started to lay and we are getting a steady stream of beautiful brown eggs now too (smile)  They are still fairly small, but will get bigger as the girls get older.

We've had a total of seven so far!

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