Tuesday, September 30, 2014


When we bought this house six months ago we knew there were some things that we would have to do.  Some major down-sizing, creative renovations, and lots of patience.  The problem area of the house was the configuration of the bathrooms.  Some future post I'll sketch out the configuration for you, but for sake of today's post - a small portion of the weird layout was the master closet (or really the lack there of).  This was the "master" closet...

Uh huh... exactly.  What were they thinking, right?  I like clothes.  And shoes.  And purses.  This closet, as it is, would not have held a quarter of my things.  But in the bedroom there was a place that was obvious to us it should have been a closet.  The picture below shows where the closet is being built (more on that soon).  We decided to use the [above] master closet as seasonal storage.  We closed in the original door and broke through on the bedroom side (the opening you see in the wall).  This is where we decided to build a closet.  But when we measured the closet it seemed like it would be awful large (HA!) so Daniel shortened it by 30ish inches, cut a hole in the wall in the hallway, and built in a long-term pantry/closet for me.

Here you see Daniel inside the pantry/closet.

When it was all said and done... this is what I ended up with; LOTS of space.  Not a whole lot of organization yet, but that will come with time.  For now... I have all the food in one place and that's a very good thing :o)

Oh!  And the spice rack hanging on the door... nothing fancy, but I explained what I had in mind and Daniel built it.  NOW I have everything I need in this one closet.   It's not IN the kitchen, but the house is small and efficient enough - it's only ten steps to get what I need.


  1. Okay...seriously jealous of that pantry!!!! Love the spice rack!! Great job!

    1. Thanks Deb! I'm so glad he thought of doing it this way.


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