Friday, September 12, 2014

Contentment and Thankfulness

I was making dinner last night and glanced out our North-side door.  I saw the sun setting in a beautiful way... I grabbed my camera and ran outside to capture it's beauty.  As I looked around and took in all my surroundings; the chickens free-ranging, the puppies playing, the cat lounging on the railing of the deck with one leg hanging over, the freshly mowed grass... I just had such a deep feeling of contentment come over me.  
And I talked with God for just a moment " gave all of this to me, thank you so much!"


Looking at blogs, for me, is like driving down the street at night and happening by a house that has all its curtains wide open with the lights on... you get a quick glance into someone else's life.

So, friend, please leave a message... I'm leaving the curtains wide open and all the lights are on. I'd love to chat with ya! (and I try to respond to all my comments)

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