Tuesday, September 30, 2014


When we bought this house six months ago we knew there were some things that we would have to do.  Some major down-sizing, creative renovations, and lots of patience.  The problem area of the house was the configuration of the bathrooms.  Some future post I'll sketch out the configuration for you, but for sake of today's post - a small portion of the weird layout was the master closet (or really the lack there of).  This was the "master" closet...

Uh huh... exactly.  What were they thinking, right?  I like clothes.  And shoes.  And purses.  This closet, as it is, would not have held a quarter of my things.  But in the bedroom there was a place that was obvious to us it should have been a closet.  The picture below shows where the closet is being built (more on that soon).  We decided to use the [above] master closet as seasonal storage.  We closed in the original door and broke through on the bedroom side (the opening you see in the wall).  This is where we decided to build a closet.  But when we measured the closet it seemed like it would be awful large (HA!) so Daniel shortened it by 30ish inches, cut a hole in the wall in the hallway, and built in a long-term pantry/closet for me.

Here you see Daniel inside the pantry/closet.

When it was all said and done... this is what I ended up with; LOTS of space.  Not a whole lot of organization yet, but that will come with time.  For now... I have all the food in one place and that's a very good thing :o)

Oh!  And the spice rack hanging on the door... nothing fancy, but I explained what I had in mind and Daniel built it.  NOW I have everything I need in this one closet.   It's not IN the kitchen, but the house is small and efficient enough - it's only ten steps to get what I need.

Monday, September 29, 2014

A Single Green Egg

We got our very first egg.  While out working on outdoor things, Syd looked over and there sat Midnight's first egg... under the lawnmower?!?!  Midnight is one of our "original four" chickens;  a small black Americauna.  The egg was a beautiful, green, petite sight.

And together we rejoiced, made a big deal, and took way too many pictures of an egg.
Good job, Midnight!

Friday, September 26, 2014

A Peek Behind the Sofa

I've been attempting to find a place for everything and putting everythingin it's place.  Like this bench and the antique crocks and scale that found its way out of a box from the corner of our bedroom this week.  I bought this little bench at the ReUse It store specifically for this house.  I thought I would put it in our new foyer, but alas - it's too long to sit where I wanted - so I found another place behind one of the sofas.

And since the garden hasn't been mature enough until now to get any flowers I thought Fall would be a great time to cut a bouquet - while I still can.  I just love fresh flowers and the butterfly bush flower smells divine!

Stay tuned - completed pantry is coming up next!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Chicken Bush

About 15 feet beyond our back deck there is a very large, dense bush the chickens have cleared out and love roosting under during the day.  Here you see Peepers (our THIRD rooster) among the Golden Girls.  Unfortunately, he will need to be dinner with some homemade dumplings sometime soon.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Contentment and Thankfulness

I was making dinner last night and glanced out our North-side door.  I saw the sun setting in a beautiful way... I grabbed my camera and ran outside to capture it's beauty.  As I looked around and took in all my surroundings; the chickens free-ranging, the puppies playing, the cat lounging on the railing of the deck with one leg hanging over, the freshly mowed grass... I just had such a deep feeling of contentment come over me.  
And I talked with God for just a moment "...you gave all of this to me, thank you so much!"

Thursday, September 11, 2014

OffendER or OffendED

Are there times when you encounter something that seems God's vindication can't come fast enough?  Come on God... you saw what that person did... that's just not right.  And of course there are things that happen that I [personally] think... really?  Why that person?

But when we're amidst something ourselves vindication (or learning) can't seem to come fast enough.

I remember my father telling me so....... many years ago:  "when it happens once you can look at the other person, but if it continuously happens you're likely the cause".  Things don't seem to change and those words are ringing in my ears today more than they have in a long time.  I'm not a person who "needs" friends.  Don't get me wrong, I like having a friend or two, but I don't need to be part of a huge clique.  I'm not a loner, but I just don't have to have everyone else's approval - I can make it withOUT someone by my side all the time.  Im fairly independent like that; comfortable with who I am in Christ. I like going out on my own.  I like to just sit in my quiet house.  I like to have dinner alone, every now and then (even at a resteraunt).  I love spending time with my husband and children, but quiet is good.  I don't mind NOT following the main stream ideas or NOT dressing the way Vogue or Cosmopolitan says I should.  I'm ok being me....

What happens though, in the quietness of our hearts when someone else pulls away without explanation.  It's not the pulling away that bothers me when it happens... it's the not knowing why.  Something I've told my husband is "it's not that they don't want to be my friend, it's the why.  It's not knowing what I did wrong."  You see, if we don't go to our brothers or sisters in Christ and confront them with a wrong or the something that offended us - then how are we to grow our walk in Faith?  We can't fix what we don't know is broken and can't become a better person.  If the offendER can't handle the truth and simply disregards the offense... well, the offendED has done his job and the other must answer for the behavior (to God) and lack of response to the offense.

I have this thing...  You see, I believe what I believe.  I stand where I stand.  I know that I know that I know.  And I base the things I do and the life I live on the Scriptural knowledge that resides in those Inspired words penned so many thousands of years ago - or at least I try very hard to.  However, there is a down side that accompanies this:  offending people.  I don't know how I do it - sometimes I'm a thousand miles away and I make someone mad.  Sometimes I haven't even talked to a person and they're offended.  Sometimes I'm friends with someone that I think believes the same and all of the sudden they stop talking to me for no apparent reason that I'm aware of.  If I go to whomever is offendED and ask if I've done something... the response is usually "no".  Wha.... then why aren't you talking to me anymore?

I'm just rambling about what's on my heart today.  I don't usually blog this type of post, but I thought if I've gone through through something - someone else may be as well and it may help.  I want to encourage you... if there's something that someone else has done that has offended you - go to them and tell them.  It could restore your relationship, it could grow that person, it could grow you, or it will simply take the responsibility of the situation out of your court and place it in theirs.  Either way - your part as the offendED is done; to tell the offendER of the offense.  The Spirit will work from there.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Special Surprise for 15 years...

15 years ago I married a man that I thought I was head-over-heals-in-love-with...  boy was I wrong!  After 15 years of marriage I have experienced something that I never thought I would... more love for him.  How is it possible that I love him more than I did that day over a decade ago?  
Love is strange that way...

He's older (we're both older), he's got silver hair starting now, more lines on his face, and less spring in his step from the day I married him, but he's even more handsome to me today and doesn't look a day older to me.  His silvering hair is distinguished and the lines are proof of the smiles we've had over the years.  I love him more today than I've ever loved him.

We had a nice anniversary.  We received a couple surprise gifts; one from each of our mothers so we had lunch and dinner out, together.  Our day was filled with conversation, smiles, hugs, and kisses.  Our girls surprised us and decorated the van before we left for our dinner date, with little notes all over the inside of the van.  "Our song" was qued on the cd player when we started the van.

Daniel had a special suprise for me before we left... he played and sang a song called God Gave Me You.  He has a fabulous voice and I still never tire of hearing him sing. 

It was a night confirming the love we share.

If you've never heard the song... you can listed via YouTube right here...

Monday, September 08, 2014

Working In the Bedroom

Progress in home renovations is a big deal, but this one is a really big deal for me....  This is the clothes closet in our bedroom.  It is the project that makes unpacking the mounds of boxes in our bedroom possible.  We were working on bathroom, but I convinced my hubby to abandon his efforts in there for the time being to get the closet done - he agreed.

In the picture below you see Daniel
 standing inside my new long-term pantry (yay!!)

And the drywall is up....  We didn't do the drywall the way we were "suppose to".  We were suppose to buy another two or three sheets, but we had more scrap than we had money so we used the scrap ;o)  We figured... it's a closet!!!  The opening you see in the back of the closet was the master closet that we turned into seasonal storage.  Next step... compound.  And lots of it!

Saturday, September 06, 2014

New Walls

There are four new walls in our house now... will be sharing the progress soon.

Friday, September 05, 2014

New Things In The House

Not one, but two [Craigslist] Ikea Ektorp couches.

An old [Craigslist] rustic coffee table to sit in front of the couches.

 A [Goodwill] galvanized farm tray that perfectly accompanies the rustic barn-wood table.

An [Goodwill] updated chandelier for the dining room.

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