Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Tomato

So wonderfully versatile - through all of it's stages.  Who would know you could use this fruit for bases in your soup, additions to your salad, for jams, even fried...

Pairing them with other wonderful things from the garden to make other forms of deliciousness.

Are you wondering how I am able to post about tomatoes when we had no garden of our own (to speak of) this year?  One word... neighbors.  A gal down the lane from us planted about 15 too many tomato plants and informed me they were all mine!!!  Talk about being blessed.  Of course I took her up on her offer and have recently been up to my eyebrows in tomatoes.  So far I've been able to glean enough tomatoes for a couple dozen quarts of tomatoes.

With the help of my VitaMix - couple dozen quarts of sauce.

And from the two Roma plants (GIVEN to me) that I planted in a bare spot among the perennials; harvest has begun and I've made five quarts of fresh salsa - so far.

The tomato extravaganza is not over yet.  And... there are even things getting done around the house too - now that's exciting!  I'll have more to share soon.


  1. Looks beautiful - that was great that you could use your neighbor's bounty! I have also been "up to my eyebrows" in tomatoes this month and the Vitamix has been so helpful for utilizing the whole tomato and saving some steps. Just made this sauce, which turned out really well:


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