Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Little Darlings...

These two little darlings are the two latest addition to our family.  Only planning to get one dog, but then after we brought him home, we realized his life would be so much fuller with a playmate so we went the next day and got his sister.  Introducing Naylee & Nickerson...

Nickerson is made of everything little boys are suppose to be made of.  He's eaten walls, played with killed a little chick, dug holes, eaten chicken feed, etc... since he's been with us.  We've gone from disciplining with our hands to a paint stick because he seems to be getting enough 'whoopins' that we don't want to hurt him, just let it sting.  But he is so cute and so fun.  He's going to be a good guard dog.

Naylee is Nickerson's laid back little sister.  She is his partner in crime, but usually out of boredom.  She is the love-bug of the two.  She would rather sit in your lap than go play.  She doesn't whine (her brother does enough for both of them) or bark - she just goes with the flow and loves on you when you're within her reach.

LOTS of puppy kisses around here lately!!!

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  1. It's a shame that these pics didnt capture Nicker's "eyebrows" lol!

    Love ya,


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