Friday, August 01, 2014

Back Inside: A Revisit To The Bathroom

Well, fall is coming upon us and what we've needed to do outside is just about done (for now).  So we've started back on the inside.  And of course we're starting back in on the bathroom.  If you recall, when we moved into the house three months ago, the hall bathroom looked like this...

Then demolition began and it looked liked this...

And finally, this...

When summer started we began the sheetrock with the express intention of getting it done before our first home school graduation, but it didn't happen the way we'd planned.  And then there was a HUGE leak in the copper piping which meant the wall behind the shower had to come out :o(.  Anyhow - we learned on the fly to sweat joints.  We've stayed without that wall for two months now, making sure it didn't start leaking again.  No leaks meant, as we started back on the inside, that wall could go back up.  So... up went the wall tonight.  And then we [meaning Daniel] continued on and actually made progress. 

The shower room walls were next on the agenda. 

And then... wah-lah!  A new room is revealed with the seperation of walls!  See that backer-board on the floor?  Yep - that's going to be done soon too - the tile is in waiting as well.  That's going to be something new for me - I've never installed tile before, but that's never stopped me with anything before.

I'm not sure what tomorrow holds, but I'm sure progress is involved.

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