Monday, July 28, 2014

The Soon-To-Be Garden

Well, the garden is well under way.  I posted a picture similar to this recently showing you where the garden was going to be.  A pretty vague picture as there are about three acres that you can see.  In this picture Daniel is beginning to scalp mow the area that we're killing off.  We've made the mistake in a previous garden of simply tilling the turf in the garden - which short term was great, but long term was a nightmare due to grass and weeds sprouting endlessly.  We're going a different direction this time.

Once the area was mowed as short as we could get it we spread out two transparent  (4ml) pieces of plastic that will compost all the grass, weeds, seeds, and other things that are unwanted in a typical veggie garden.  Our plan was to originally rent a turf cutter and turn everything over, but after some research we decided to go a different route.  More of a self-hybridized lasagna garden method.  The garden spot measures 40ft x 50ft.  I think I can get some good, organic produce out of that amount of space - don't you?  Speaking of good organic produce.  I was at Lowe's the other day and happened by their clearance racks in the garden center and found five blueberry bushes for $5 each.  Score!!!  You can see them over to the right of the garden...

There was only one variety available on sale and we'll need two different varieties for the kind of pollination that will yield good quality fruit.  We're planning to get four bare root bushes of another variety in the very early portion of next spring to accommodate this requirement.

I am beyond excited about everything we've done this year so far.  Everything is pointing toward our own little farmette; a dream come true.  We're done outside for right now.  At least until late October when we will uncover the garden spot and till in the dead roots and grass, a truckload of sand, our compost, leaves, horse manure, and whatever else we can find to throw in there :o)  A friend from church is planning to deliver a few bales of spoiled hay for next year that we plan to use for our mulch cover in the garden.  Just think - next year, this time, I'll be busy harvesting all sorts of yummy summer treasures.  That makes me smile.

Being done outside for now puts us working back INSIDE.  Just the thought of that makes me smile too!  Wasting no time - the bathrooms are being finished first, rounding the corner to build the new clothes closet in the master bedroom, then heading back toward the kitchen; picking up whatever stray things to be done along the way.  Hope you're still following along - things on here are about to start picking up again.  Until next time....

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