Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Sweet Corn

I've never had the opportunity to process lots of corn from the garden until yesterday.  I was too sticky and full of corn to take pictures, so all I got were these pictures of us enjoying the corn AFTER it was finished.

Sydney and I loaded into the car with our favorite knives - not knowing what was in store for us.  Eight and a half hours later 105 quarts of corn had been put away.  We have gotten acquainted with a very sweet Mennonite family that showed us how it was done.  Mennonite corn (the way they process it) is completely different from anything I've ever tasted and so wonderful.  I'll never do it any other way again.  I'll share in future posts....

As I looked back to the kids - every one of them had their lips wrapped around a sweet juicy cob enjoying the bounty.  It was a moment I wanted to capture.  We brought home 30 quarts to freeze for our own family.  I almost can't wait until winter now :o)  ALMOST!

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  1. Yum! Would have loved to been part of this experience!


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