Friday, July 11, 2014

News Around Here

It seems like I haven't had the chance to sit down and take the time to post as of lately for one reason or the other.  Life IN the farmhouse hasn't changed much as we've been taking advantage of the wonderful summer weather outside.  I bought a new edging shovel and went after the front garden.  I've planted a myriad of perennials; echinecea, black-eyed susan, butterfly bush, lilies, chives, spiderwort, zinnas, daisies, etc.  I bought black mulch for the side garden early in the spring, but I didn't like how it looked when it weathered so I spead that mulch in a very thin layer over all of it and tomorrow we go pick up a trailer load of mulch to finish the project.  I'm very excited to see everything bloom and fill in years to come.

We made an impromptu stop at the SPCA (no-kill animal shelter) last weekend and ended up coming home with these two; brother and sister.  Blonde guy is Nickerson and his black counterpart is his sister Naylee.  Our retriever, Annabelle, had to find another place to live as she was terrified here.  We're not sure if she has something legitimately wrong with her, but she was a mess here.  The local retriever rescue is getting her psychiatric help and a new (very quiet) home.  But Nickerson and Naylee seem to be normal, run-of-the-mill pups that can be trained to be real family dogs.  They are shaking our world!

We now have a total of 20 chickens.  The original four we were given as a "farm warming gift": we're still not sure if Star-Gazer (the black and white one) is a hen or rooster - we're waiting for verification.  Unless chickens are sexed within the first few days of life - you don't know until the rooster crows.  May(verick) is definitely exhibiting signs of being a rooster, but he hasn't officially crowed yet.

About two weeks ago we found ten Buff Orpington chicks (the same age as our originals) for an incredible price, so that increased our flock to 14.

Then... I was browsing Craigslist about four days after that and came across a straight-run of eight Ameraucana chicks that were only three weeks old.  These are the chickens that lay the beautiful green/blue eggs.  So - I went and picked them up.

However, with 20 chickens - we needed a chicken coop.  So... this is the little white coop and just like our house - not white yet.  However, I think that might be changing this weekend :o)

This is the chicken quadrant of our farmstead right now.  The coop was the secret project I hinted about a few posts ago.  We didn't have a plan to go by - just an inspiration picture that I found online.  I think Daniel did a fabulous job... don't you?!?!?

I'm currently working on the kitchen inside.  Still fussing with those countertops, while Daniel is beginning our closet.  We aren't at it full time because we'll have all winter to work inside.  The next big project outside is preparing the gardent spot for next year....

Our garden will be in the above space.  This Summer's plan?  A sod cutter, water hose, black plastic, and concrete blocks.  And then Fall will bring a tiller, sand, mulch, and horse maneuer.


  1. We've been just catching up on some of your posts. I hope all the plants you got from us will thrive and grow well for you....even the butterfly bush! Let me know how everything does.

    1. Deb - they plants are thriving and I've added much to them. Friends that garden are great gardening resoursces :o) PS - butterflies aren't the only things that love the butterfly bush; chickens and puppies do too!!!


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