Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Surprise Visit From the UK

Daniel's family recently had a family reunion that we were not able to make.  Because of our first high school graduation, buying a house, and time off... we just couldn't pull it off.  It was sad for us to miss it, but it just couldn't be accommodated.  However..... we received a surprised phone call from his aunt and uncle that live in England late on Sunday night.  They were on their way back to the UK and had an extended layover in Washington DC.  Since DC is only about two hours from us we made some arrangements... Ali had the afternoon off and Daniel took a half day from work.  We made it to DC around 3:30pm and hopped the Metro (the subway) for a half hour ride into the heart of town.  Girls thought this was a grand experience.  Nothing like the movies make of it!

The Metro dropped us off about a block from the Smithsonian.  Once we located the family - we headed to the museum of natural history.  We shot a picture of all SIX cousins here (the sixth is the bony one in the right background).

This was a pretty neat feature.  You were able to "interact" with the dinos.  We're, unfortunately, behind T-Rex in this particular photo :o(

Then it was on to the "white house".  That was a slip from Daniel when he saw it and the family never let him live it down.  He did know it was really the capital building, but he was referring to it being the white building - saying the "white house".  That one will stick with him for years to come.

One of the two photographers next to us offered to take a picture for us.  One of just our family and the whole bunch of us.  He also cleaned the fingerprints off Carole's lens (LOL!)

bottom row (l-r): Sydney and Alisha.  middle row (l-r): Lori, Liz, Larry, and Carole.  third/top row (l-r):  Daniel, Stephen, and Ben.

Then it was on to tour more of those hallowed streets.  The photo below is the original Smithsonian building.  They use to graze buffalo in the back yard as an exhibit (ha ha ha).

We went to dinner at Chipotle and headed toward the Lincoln monument, but along the way visited the Washington Monument.  You don't realize how big it really is until you're standing right next to it.

OR laying at the base of it...

...taking pictures straight up.

It was too late to get pictures of the reflection pool, but Daniel did his best.  It was incredible.  

On to the Lincoln Monument.  Pseudo Greek architecture and the mass of marble and other natural materials that it took to build this was astonishing.  But up close...


Then we headed back to catch the Metro.  It was already past 10pm and we were all worn out from our walk, which resulted in 5.7 miles (yep. still feeling it today).  It was such a GREAT time!  We all only wish we had more time to share together.  We've been encouraged; it's our turn to visit them and their museums (and castles, and monuments, and PARIS (they only live two hours from many other countries...).  Time to start saving!!!!

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  1. Looks like a great impromptu trip! Love the night photos of the city :)


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