Friday, July 18, 2014

A Little More Working Outside

So I've been telling you that we're working outside whilst we have the opportunity.  I've been planting and planting and planting and planting.  We've bought diggings from people who were thinning their gardens, scavenge the clearance rack at Lowe's, and pick up vans full of a different variety from other friends that are willing to simply share.  It's a baby garden this year, but the next couple of years will prove size and color for the perennials that are part of the earth in front of our home now.

The rest of the property can be farm; animals and food and such, but I wanted around the house to be "pretty".  I've left the portion in front of the stairs as turf for right now, but I'm planning to put bricks there when I can find some for my favorite price - FREE :o)  Most likely a mini project next summer.

I've gone around a good majority of the house at this point.  All perennials :o)  Perennials = low maintenance.  I like the sound of that!!!

Probably my most favorite in the garden is the white Shasta Daisy.  I was SO excited to find this little gal on the clearance rack at Lowe's - $3!!!!  I love the contrast between the bright white, yellow, and green - she looks so happy to me.

The original side I started on... the tank is being moved to the other side of the house before winter. That makes me happy!

Tomatoes are doing well.  Well, as well as can be expected.  I didn't get a chance to vine, stake, or cage them - but they don't seem to mind.  There won't be enough to can, but we will have a few to have on the farmhouse table some evening :o)

Continuing on the far side of the house is the area with the heat pump.  The gas tank will be sitting right to the left of it when it's moved.

And I still have more plants waiting to go into that fore lorn portion of the landscaping around the house.

Sydney had her own thoughts about landscaping today... out beyond the tall grass she decided she needed to create an oasis for herself.  She's pushing the mower to make just the right spot.

Maybe something like this... painted in durable porch paint might be good for her down there.  A future project for someone.  It was my favorite price; FREE!

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  1. Love the Shasta Daisy - it does look happy!


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