Friday, June 27, 2014

The Sink

I can't tell you how stretching and humbling this whole renovation has been so far.  We've done several renos, but none that stretched ME as far as using a bucket, digging a hole, and doing dishes on the side of the house in a dishpan.  But it has also made me extremely thankful for the little mundane things we take for granted, as Americans, each day... a toilet. a sink.

I was gleefully happy to stay up late and do the dishes [gasp!] by hand last night when hubby put in the kitchen sink.  I tell you what - I really think I heard the hallelujah chorus from above when he said the words "it is finished".  And equally as happy to wake up to....

I was even more enamored with it when my view was this:

And OH! so excited when I found a place for some hand soap and a pretty.

Speaking of that pretty... Sydney brought this blow-flower in to me and we were both in awe over its size.  And... it's my favorite kind of flower; the kind that wont die - because it's already dead :o)

In all honesty... I really wanted an apron front farmhouse sink.  You know the ones - that are all over the web right now - in everyone else's kitchens?

 I even considered the IKEA version, which was decidedly cheaper than the "real thing",

DOMSJÖ Double bowl IKEA 25-year Limited Warranty. Read about the terms in the Limited Warranty brochure.

 but still more than I wanted to spend.  I just couldn't get myself to spend more on a kitchen sink than I did on butcher block counter tops and flooring put together.  Even though Daniel left the decision in my court - allowing me to do what I wanted to do, but either of the above choices would have cost us far more.  So where did I find "my sink"?  None other than Craigslist itself.  Just about everything we've replaced has come from that online treasure trove.  For a mere $100 we got ourselves a nearly brand new cast-iron sink with faucet.  Sprayer is the new addition - it wasn't included.

And although it will never look the same as the country living magazine photo shoot... I have the better part of an extra one thousand dollars in my pocket to allocate other places around the homestead.  And it will serve the exact same purpose and do the job just as well as it's popular, over-priced counterpart.

(counter-top, as you can see, is coming along, but not completely finished.  I'm still applying the oil each night before bed, but absorbing less and less each day.  I'll be done when it stops absorbing.)

And if you're one of those folks that pays really close attention... you'll notice I have a different bottle of soap on the window sill in this picture from the above picture.  Truth is... it's the same soap just watered down.  Mrs. Meyers is one of my favs (especially in summer when they put out Honeysuckle), but it's beyond what I like to spend so I went to a discount store bought a bottle of foaming soap for $1 and dumped out those awful ingredients.  I refilled it 3/4 of the way with tap water adding six pumps (1 Tbls) of Mrs. Meyers hand soap.  I replaced the top and turned it over a few times and wah-la - Mrs. Meyers foaming soap (which is on the Target shelf for $3.85).  I figure I can get another ten uses this way which makes "mine" about 35 cents per bottle.  Huge savings!  And by the time it's gone - it'll be time to get a more seasonal appropriate scent.

Hopefully our little "project" [that has been rained out for the past couple of days] will be complete over the weekend and I'll have something BIG to share.  Exciting stuff....

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