Monday, June 23, 2014

Something Very Exciting Has Happened

We have counter-tops!

I'm not a huge fan of IKEA, unless your talking about the Ektorp or Numerar series.  We ordered these several weeks ago and decided it was worth it to have it shipped; it was suppose to be here on June 4th (the day before our family arrived for Ali's graduation), but as Murphy would have it - the stock ran out at the warehouse and we were rescheduled for June 18th - eleven days AFTER graduation :( ....  [then] the day before graduation (June 6th) we got a call that the tops came in after all and they could be delivered the Sunday AFTER graduation.  Really...............

Then graduation happened, then a little down time, then kidney stones....  Needless to say - I've been learning patience in this matter.  BUT - a friend sent me a text the other night offering [her husband's] help to get the top on. Yay!!!  Just so happened that God provided us with a "helper" that used to actually do kitchen renovations (I'm sure he had to bite his tongue walking into ours).  So really... he did the work and Daniel simply assisted (I opened and closed doors when carrying the tops in and out).  I know we've said thank you many times, but just once more  - thank you Bryan!!!

He (and Daniel assisted) measured, cut, and installed a beautiful specimen of butcher-block counters.  Oh and how I love them!!!  We were going to put the sink in place last night, but I didn't have the surface treatment done and I KNEW once there was sink - we would use it and I'd probably never get it done. SO... when Daniel gave me the option - I decided to wait a few more days until the surface is completely ready for use.  After all, it's been this long what's another three or four days?!?!

My treatment of choice is: mineral oil.

By the way - Bryan has an incredible gift with wood-working. He makes the most beautiful, reclaimed wood furniture including farmhouse tables and cabinetry.  You can see his work at the company website:  Concepts Created

And... I had to take a picture of Mr. Toby; Sydney's cat that 'thinks' he owns the place - even when it doesn't belong to us.  This was our "helper", Bryan's, truck - Toby took up residence.  However, he did move when Bryan started to drive away :o)

 At this point we have applied two coats of oil to the wood and the color is getting deeper and richer...  we have about another five or six applications to go - to install the sink (Friday?).

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