Monday, June 09, 2014

Family Visits, Graduation, and Down Time

If you've wondered where I've been - I've been here all along just behind the blog doing other things :o)  We had family to visit for our first home school graduation this past weekend and can I just say that I'm glad the stress of it is over.  We are taking a few days off to simply relax and recoup, but we are by far not done here and there will be many more posts coming as to what is going on in this little house.

Daniel's mother and grandmother

presenting her with her diploma

they sang together, just like they always do...

A few pictures and goodies

a few cherished friends!

Some wisdom given

what would life be without playing?

a friendly conversation

the graduate with one grandma

the graduate with her only living GREAT-grandma

the graduate with another grandma

grandma and grandpa with the graduate

the youngsters blanket

an intense super scrabble game

it's always intense with Granny (Daniel's grandmother)

the proud (and thankful) parents of the graduate

group *hug*

the graduate with her daddy... we thank God for him!

the aftermath!!!

We still don't have the kitchen sink installed so we are doing dishes at the side of the house.  There were quite a few to do once everything was over.   More updates to come...


  1. Oh my gosh. Thanks for sharing. You guys have been BUSY. I am sure you are ready for some down time.

  2. Congratulations to Ali on her graduation!!! Enjoyed seeing all the photos! Such a memory....sitting on the ground washing dishes! :)


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