Monday, June 16, 2014

Lazy [almost] Summer Day

Things around here have almost come to a halt.  Daniel has been plagued by a case of kidney stones which I've never had personally, but if they are as bad as what he says... I'd rather not experience it.  No pictures of his "ugly face" to share, but believe me - it's not been a pretty sight.  Lots of moaning and groaning and even some tears shed.  What can make a grown man cry?  Kidney stones in the ureter.  Anyhow - he started drinking straight lemon juice the other day and I personally think he had several large stones and the lemon juice broke them up since it seems that he's been peeing dirt.  But this one right now - it's bad - and it's taken a long time to pass.  Lots of water going down him, but that's about the only natural things to do.  He did sit in a magnesium bath the other night - yes I said BATH because we have the shower up and running, I just haven't gotten around to posting about it due to graduation, family visits, kidney stones, etc.  Anyhow - kidney stones are believed to be [in part] formed due to a lack of magnesium, however, too much magnesium supplementation can cause diarrhea.  I found out a long time ago that you can get a much larger dose  (50,000 units) of magnesium without making you run to the toilet by getting it transdermally (through the skin).  So I added about one cup of my magnesium oil to a hot, hot bath and let him soak.  Magnesium does SO much for our bodies that we don't even realize - and yet we don't take the time to make sure to have enough in us.  Nothing that we've found helps to make the stones pass faster or easier, but due to our recent projects - health, nutrition, and water haven't been on the top five priority list :o(  We reap what we sow!!!


I'm sitting outside on the front porch on a gorgeous 85 degree Monday afternoon while Honey takes a nap.  The chickens are getting bigger and bigger by the day.  Daniel decided today that they need more time outside, so we put the cats and dog inside the house and let them free-range.  Of course, chickens don't like the bright, intense, HOT sun so they kept going back to their shade.  Syd wanted to make them more shade - and since we don't have the official coop built yet (remember Daniel's been down and out) we had to improvise using some leftover drywall.  Introducing a true Virginia style coop.

We haven't gotten a whole lot done around here since graduation, but I'm looking forward to Daniel feeling better so we can get back to it.  Counter tops are in, sink and faucet are here, shelves and brackets are ready to be primed, painted, and installed.  Looking forward to sharing more pictures very soon.  Until then... xoxoxo

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