Thursday, June 19, 2014

Homemade Pizza

 Up to this point making homemade pizza - my crust would not cook all the way and stick to the point that we had to eat our pizza with fork.  A friend of mine made a pizza in a different manner the other day and it changed my entire outlook on homemade pizza.  She dampened her pan a very little water, placed some parchment paper curl down and pressed the parchment to the pan (the water held the paper).  Putting a little oil on her hands, she lightly greased the parchment and handled the dough on the paper - spreading it with her palms.  THEN - using spaghetti sauce she made her pizza.  

I'm a person who doesn't like the strong zest of actual pizza sauce, so using spaghetti sauce was a given.  Using your favorite crust recipe and adding as many toppings as you can pile on... create pure yumminess for you and your family. 

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