Monday, June 02, 2014

A Chicken Update

Just like with babies - those cute, fuzzy chickees grow up.  In my opinion they aren't as cute, but if you ask Syd they are still adorable and she likes the smell of them.  THAT is something we'll never agree on, but to each is own :o)  On the left is "May" now to be known as Mayverick because we're pretty sure he's a rooster.  I think the one next to him is Peepers (the loudest, whiniest chick you'll ever meet). If you recall Syd had rigged up a place for them to be outside, using my fireplace screen, but they're growing by leaps and bounds and needed a bigger place so the creative juices started to flow...

...and this is what she came up with using a roll of chicken wire and old tomato stakes we had laying around.  She built this herself using a circular saw to cut the wood and snips and stapler to take care of the wire.  Her daddy helped her with the measurements.  She says they are much happier.  The blue basket on the top is what she transports them in; to and from their night-time quarters.  The brown basket is the one she uses to collect them extra green grass "because they like it better".  

And there was suppose to be an addition for food and water, but she simply ran out of chicken wire.

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