Thursday, May 01, 2014


Yes, indeed, it has begun!  We put in a l..o..n..g.. first day yesterday after closing; beginning at 1:30 pm with the girls pulling up the first room of carpeting and leaving last night at 10:30.  When Syd realized how heavy the carpet was she set her efforts on other things; a house full of plate covers and a coat closet :o).  Ali continued with carpet and got it all out.  I helped a little with the hallway, but for the most part she did it.  And we walked away with only two very small injuries from the tack strips - evil things!!!

In order to keep costs down I am really trying not to eat out.  Beginning so early each day and not being in a place that has a stove or running water it makes it a bit of a challenge, but I believe we can do it.  We did stop and get lunch yesterday and were able to eat there (our first meal at the house), but I had dinner cooking in the crock-pot all day long as we worked and enjoyed a lentil veggie stew for dinner (box berries for dessert).

I insisted that everyone pick out 4-5 outfits for this journey that could get 'ruined' (I don't want church clothes or shoes to be worn to do drywall, "accidentally").  Anyhow, I'm keeping laundry going to make sure we have those clothes available.  I have my morning load of wash running right now - as soon as that's done I'm headed back out to the house, but along the way dropping the girls at the library for their weekly volunteering, then going by the landfill to make our contribution.  Anyhow, I'll be at the house by myself which will be nice - without three people doing demolition, I can actually hear the birds singing outside :o)  

Unfortunately I have lame-O pictures for you today as I forgot the camera at the house last night, so I'll make a memo to myself to "bring camera home" so that I can show some of the process.  I'm not sure there was actually a "process", but we got things done.  Yesterday we removed:
 carpet pad
tack strips
kitchen cabinets
coat closet
all doors
every switch plate cover
laundry room closet floor
shelving (in closets that came out)
excess towel rods
...and the new door to the master bedroom storage closet was broken through.

Progress is being made!

This was just a picture I snapped with my phone to show some friends by text what we'd done so far.
I have so many ideas for this room... and I am oh-so-eager to share them all with you as they happen!
See you again, tomorrow, Lord willing!

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