Wednesday, May 07, 2014


I thought today I would share a little about how we're getting through this 'transition'.  Without the organization side of this project we would be lost.  We've set up pseudo centers to help keep everything in its place as well as helping us keep our minds!

Remember I told you one of my big goals was to get through this without spending a ton of money on eating out?  In order to do that I've had to set up a little kitchen for all our culinary needs :o)  This is my little kitchen center.  Everything a woman needs to keep a hungry family fed (LOL!)

You see on the left all my bowls.  The Trader Joes bag is for things I carry back and forth each day/night.  I keep it there so I know where the "thing" that needs to return with me is suppose to go.  The white roaster works great as a little oven - really!  There's the crockpot which I'm using a lot right now and of course the fridge.  So, so, so.... glad we have that there.

The garbage center.  All six of these boxes were being filled with rubble and trash each night for the first five days.  Last night and tonight I didn't have to pack the van in order to transport stuff to county landfill.

Clean up station.

Recycle/reuse - things going to Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity.

Safety center; glasses, gloves, masks, walkie-talkies, and earplugs (in the slim jim can) 

Everything electrical.... 

Spare room that holds all the:
Trim pieces we've removed...


and frames that we were lucky enough to remove as a whole piece.

We're trying to reuse all the lumber, so once the nails have been taken out of the wood they are sorted into one of three piles...

according to length.

And then of course there are THOSE pieces of wood that we hope we don't have to waste the energy to take apart takeing the nails out of because they are going to present a challenge.

Our "formal" dining room...

and the bottles that are usually on top of the table.  Brita filter bottles - we bought these for our trip to Disney World and fell in love with them.  We each have a different color.... I was the only one there this morning so that's why there's only one :o)  Beautifully quiet....

And of course the batteries and flashlight center.  Just in case Daniel trips a breaker we all know where we need to make our way to in order to find some light.

Oh and by the way... nothing stays this organized throughout the day!  It's just the end of the day that everyone puts in some effort to put everything back in their rightful places so that we'll know where it is then next day.  Saves time and sanity!


Tomorrow... I'm going to post about a special surprise that was brought to us as a "farm-warming" gift....  

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