Monday, May 19, 2014

Odds and Ends Today = Accomplishments

The move is over and things are starting to get back to "normal" (he he! like anything is normal right now) - except ME... Ali started working at a daycare two weeks ago and brought home some crud (and shared).  However, it didn't keep me down until this afternoon, which is when I found some solace basking in the radiant sun.

All the boxes are off the front porch and it's back to it's pre-move renovation status :o)  Which I am feeling ok about since [if you recall] it looked like this just day before yesterday...

Blue and tan boxes which are full of seasonal decorating items have been placed in their intended home which is the old master closet that we closed in to make a half bath (the opening in the wall behind Ali to the right) it is a bit more finished now and holds all the seasonal decor plus folding tables...

Anyhow the yard no longer has everything all over and you can see the cabinets have been primed and are ready to be installed and painted as soon as the floor goes down which will start tomorrow (yay!)

But it did move over to a new portion of the yard.  Honey is doing great getting the shed set-up as a multi-purpose building; shop/workshop/storage.

Just keeping it real for ya....

Using materials he found during the move and on the property he's built shelves to accommodate the many years of "stuff" we have accumulated.  However, on an even brighter note... today was a momentous day for us on two accounts... I did my first load of laundry here AND...  we took the last load of garbage to the landfill, which means we can turn our van back into the family vehicle instead of the lumber/garbage wagon!  And Syd did it all - working on it all day to look like a car again.

She even steam-cleaned the mats for me!  Such a sweet thing!

I told her that we'll be forever in getting the little bits of drywall dust and crud from the carpets, but it looks wonderful again.  I'm no longer embarrassed to open the back hatch to put groceries in at the store :o)  Another milestone - plumbing is getting done this week!  Startings of it tomorrow - so it'll be bye bye to "the bucket".  Yes, I'll post about the bucket and how we're surviving without plumbing... sometime SOON!  Until then - sweet dreams - I need some sleep!

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