Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Continuing the Floor

I've been an absentee blogger, but not because I didn't want to sit down and punch out a post and put up some pictures, but rather because I've lost misplaced one camera and we're feeling the deadline moving closer and closer.  Remember, we're suppose to be having a graduation ceremony and open house here in ELEVEN days.  Family arrives in NINE days.  Once Daniel finishes with plumbing things will go SO.... much faster "upstairs".  Speaking of pluming (and floor)... 

This is a picture of the hallway as it currently sits.  I started on it the other day and finished about half the width of this area and decided I needed a break from flooring for a short bit and turned my attention toward getting the never-ending pile of boxes unpacked.  Then Daniel told me that if I was able to get the bathroom floor in - he could get me a toilet and sink... well, as you can guess - the next morning (yesterday) I was ON IT!  We are very thankful for the bucket, but come on... who doesn't prefer the sound of pushing the little chrome lever and hearing the delightful sound of swooshing water?  Meeee!!!!!  The door way to the right is the first/main half bath, so I floored my way up to that point and went through the door.  Daniel did the undercutting on the door jams for me....

According to the pros you're suppose to cut out certain pieces of flooring to make things look unseamed, but for the sake of pain-stakingly cutting out several little pieces - I'm ok with a little bit of filler at the joints which are going to be stained and sanded all together anyhow.  I doubt anyone without a discerning eye will even notice (and if they do - and say something - they should probably just leave).  Anyhow... going through the door wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and going around the toilet flange wasn't that hard either - believe me folks - if this gal can do it, so can you!!!  See that white thing over in the left corner?  That's where the glorious throne is going to sit VERY soon.  Swoosh!!!!

I stopped at the threshold of the shower room as we are putting tile in there.  

Today - I'm re-homing things.  Not permanently, just until I find a place for them. We've downsized by half which is wonderful, but our other house was bursting at the seams so I have a three month plan of finishing the renovations, decorating, yard sale, and home school curriculum purge on eBay!

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