Thursday, May 01, 2014

Day One Demolition

Some pictures from our first day at the house are overdue because I forgot the camera at "home" last night. Below you'll see Sydney taking off all the switch/plug plates in the house - there were lots for her to work on.

Ali started on carpet straight away!  There was no stopping her...

...Ali and her trophy!

and alas the room without dirty, filthy carpet.

Then came the first wall to come out - the coat closet.  Most people would call me loony that I took out a storage space (let alone two), but I really want an entryway and taking the closet out was the only way to accomplish it.  I'm really excited for how it is going to look in the end.

One good swing and pull-back and the hammer stayed and Sydney hit the door behind her :o)  Poor thing... at least she was able to laugh at herself!

...after the closet is out.

Daniel tackled the kitchen - the gnarly vent hood first!

Then the cabinets.

disconnecting electrical boxes...

That second storage space coming out was the pantry in the kitchen (yes, a pantry) - that was my project!  

Then I pulled up the  90's linoleum - that was gross!

And here it's looking like we're getting somewhere.  The support framing for the pantry was difficult coming out, but Daniel and his heaviest tool (reciprocating saw) got up on the ladder and went after it!

...they're finally OUT!  And you see all those 2 x 4's laying below?  Those are from another demo project in the house.  It's quite possibly the biggest project because of all the plumbing and electrical that has to be moved, but we are super excited!

Stay tuned!

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