Thursday, May 08, 2014

A Small Farm-Warming Gift

Yesterday's clue of what today's post would be about was this picture...

Our very WONDERFUL friends brought us over a "farm warming" gift Wednesday afternoon.  Four little chicks that they hatched all by themselves.  The breed is Amerucana, which I understand will give us the wonderful colored eggs that appear to be "easter eggs".  Oh my, they really are cute!  And what personalities!  

The little one on the far right was named May because all these little adorable things were just born May 1 - that one happened to be the very first out of the shell.  However, we are fairly certain - just by behavior - that "May" is a rooster, so Sydney and Ali decided that might be a sissy name for a big, bad rooster therefore if it is, indeed, a rooster, the name will be Mayverick.  
We are having lots of fun watching them grow which seems to have happened really fast just over night!  Plans are to have another dozen to go along with these, but not until we have moved in - which looks like it is going to be in less than two weeks!  
See you tomorrow with more updates on what's gotten done in the bathroom house.

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