Monday, May 05, 2014

A Little Landscaping Work

At one point (not sure when) the bushes in front of the house looked like this.

However, when we acquired the house they looked like this.  Isn't that curb appeal?  Look at the wonderful plastic, old pine bark, broken lattice, and dead bushes!  Good thing we are people that are able to see how something can eventually look!

So we decided a clean-up might be in order...

 Ali went after those bushes with a vengeance shovel... and got all 12 out in about an hour.  Syd pulled up all the black plastic, shoveled a good majority of the pine bark into the wheel barrow, and started carting that away from the house.  They both removed the lattice around the porch.  Progress was being made!

Soon all I had to deal with was (still) a bunch of age-old pine bark (which by-the-way attracts termites)

My wonderful workers!!!!!

The next day I started raking up the rest of the pine bark and removing all sorts of garbage from under the porch.  Below is a sampling of what was there, but we also removed three dead cats and a squirrel carcass.  

Once all that was accomplished we ended up with a clean, blank slate.  

And it's going to remain this way for the rest of this year because I don't know what the sun patterns are yet nor do I have time to plant also... that's next year's project!

And the side of the house didn't look any better.  Not that the tank is a great thing, but look at the ground around it.  The previous owners must have had TWO shovels full of gravel they didn't use.

(a close-up of the this side of the house)

And since Spring has sprung we have 15 year old lilies the were growing right against the foundation, out of the crawlspace vent, and up into the siding.  You can't even tell in either the picture above or below there is a vent.  So while Daniel and Ali were tackling the bathroom demolition, I set to work on this side.

The picture above was after I had already pulled out this many lilies...


And finally to this...  Ah-ha! There's that vent.

It was a lot of hard work, but it was worth it.  It looks so much cleaner this way.  I'm starting on both front and back porches with the pressure washer - right now - as you're reading!

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  1. Y'all are WORKING!!! I'm sure it feels overwhelming...but satisfying at the same time!

    I love seeing all the progress....until I read the part about the cats....ugh!!!! Take care of yourselves through all this!


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