Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Senior Picture Kind of Day

We have our first of two home school graduates.  Ali finished her schoolwork at the beginning of May, but her graduation ceremony isn't until June 7th (a week from today).  Between closing, renovations, and rain we haven't had the chance to go take senior pictures.  Today's forecast was in our favor so we took advantage of it and flew-the-coop this morning and found a few spots to snap some senior portraits.  And without further ado...  

Friday, May 30, 2014

{this moment}

{this moment} ~ A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Inspired by SouleMama

the first running water

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Enough about renovations for right now.  I have to just stop and say that I LOVE MY LITTLE [not] WHITE HOUSE.  For many years now I have lived with kitchens that were either extremely dark or didn't have a window in a position to allow light to pour in....  I walked through the kitchen just the other day and that light was just pouring in on my temporary, make-shift, plywood counter top and I had to just stop and admire.  I was giddy with excitement as I hunted for the camera to document this glorious sight.  And although there are still so many things to be done - I'm in love with this picture.  It still makes me smile, just looking it it!  

Shower isn't going to happen 100% tonight, but we do have a sink!  Ahh... to wash my hands after using the brand new toilet :o)  Just another little thing that makes me smile....

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Houston... We Have "Swoosh"


Tomorrow night... the shower!!!!

Continuing the Floor

I've been an absentee blogger, but not because I didn't want to sit down and punch out a post and put up some pictures, but rather because I've lost misplaced one camera and we're feeling the deadline moving closer and closer.  Remember, we're suppose to be having a graduation ceremony and open house here in ELEVEN days.  Family arrives in NINE days.  Once Daniel finishes with plumbing things will go SO.... much faster "upstairs".  Speaking of pluming (and floor)... 

This is a picture of the hallway as it currently sits.  I started on it the other day and finished about half the width of this area and decided I needed a break from flooring for a short bit and turned my attention toward getting the never-ending pile of boxes unpacked.  Then Daniel told me that if I was able to get the bathroom floor in - he could get me a toilet and sink... well, as you can guess - the next morning (yesterday) I was ON IT!  We are very thankful for the bucket, but come on... who doesn't prefer the sound of pushing the little chrome lever and hearing the delightful sound of swooshing water?  Meeee!!!!!  The door way to the right is the first/main half bath, so I floored my way up to that point and went through the door.  Daniel did the undercutting on the door jams for me....

According to the pros you're suppose to cut out certain pieces of flooring to make things look unseamed, but for the sake of pain-stakingly cutting out several little pieces - I'm ok with a little bit of filler at the joints which are going to be stained and sanded all together anyhow.  I doubt anyone without a discerning eye will even notice (and if they do - and say something - they should probably just leave).  Anyhow... going through the door wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and going around the toilet flange wasn't that hard either - believe me folks - if this gal can do it, so can you!!!  See that white thing over in the left corner?  That's where the glorious throne is going to sit VERY soon.  Swoosh!!!!

I stopped at the threshold of the shower room as we are putting tile in there.  

Today - I'm re-homing things.  Not permanently, just until I find a place for them. We've downsized by half which is wonderful, but our other house was bursting at the seams so I have a three month plan of finishing the renovations, decorating, yard sale, and home school curriculum purge on eBay!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Free-Range? Chickens

The itty-bitty chicks our friends brought us are growing by leaps and bounds.  We thought it would be good for them to get out of a little box and see some actual sunlight and try their ways at free-ranging (controlled).  Sydney took the fireplace screen, closet shelving, and cinder blocks and made them a little place they could do their thing - and do their thing they did!  Scratching and peeping and pooing... glorious chicken things to do!  They have about two or three more weeks before they are actually allowed to have their own coop and really scratch it up.  Hopefully our house will be finished before theirs :o)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kitchen Mock-Up

May seem silly to many people, but when we brought the cabinets in from the porch and placed them in their rightful spaces... I think I heard a very theatrical "hallelujah..." ring in my ears :o)  I know it's only a very small step, but that very small step means we're getting closer and closer to being finished (and I really want to be finished).  Drywall is getting done a little each night...

Plumbing is almost getting done...

And... I'm moving on to the hallway floors!!!

Putting everything back together makes me SO.... happy :o)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Little Bit About Flooring

I started the kitchen floor last night.  Thought [naively] that I'd dive in and have it done in a couple hours.  HA!  Little did I know what work was involved in putting down hardwood floors!  Not difficult, just tedious and pain-staking.  Last night I had worked on the floor for about 6 hours and this is as far as I had gotten.  If you notice we had to meet the existing floor which was tricky because there had been old,  brittle linoleum for the past seventeen years. So to accommodate this situation...

I had to cut off the tongue of each board so the new and existing would meet nicely.  Would have been nice to have a compound sliding miter saw, but alas - we don't so a circular saw had to suffice.  I used a speed square to use as a straight edge for the saw to ride against.

Termites eradicated and damage taken care of...

Those are guests that I'll never ask to come back!

However, in the end... it turned out pretty good [I think]. Especially for a complete novice!

Of course there were mistakes made and a whole lot learned along the way, but I'm here to tell ya - if I can do it - so can you!!!  It really wasn't hard, but my back and arms really are sore :o)  Thank goodness for a pneumatic gun that saved me a ton of hammering (and probably a lot of wasted wood).

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

This and That and The Bucket

Well, I don't have pretty photos of a finished house to share.  I don't have a whole lot of pictures to share at this point because everything I have pictures of isn't finished.  I wanted to keep them for the "finished" post for that project.  

Quite honestly, things are taking us longer than we thought.  We were obviously looking through rose-colored glasses!  But things are happening and some boxes have been unpacked - just not enough.  

I told you, in a previous post, that I would share the bucket.  Here she is... in her 7 gallon glory.  

Nothing fancy, but it beats the pants off finding a tree in the woods to lean against!!!  We all take turns emptying the bucket.  And although we've all become attached to her (quite literally) we won't be sad to see her go - which by-the-way should be happening the end of this week.  Yay!!!!  In the meantime we have some wonderful friends that are allowing us to take showers at their house (thanks Family!)

I've almost finished the kitchen floor so I should be able to share pretty(er) pictures tomorrow!  We only have two weeks left until family arrives for Ali's graduation party (HA!).  I can't express how much I'm looking forward to that party, because it will mean the biggest part of this project will be done.


Monday, May 19, 2014

Odds and Ends Today = Accomplishments

The move is over and things are starting to get back to "normal" (he he! like anything is normal right now) - except ME... Ali started working at a daycare two weeks ago and brought home some crud (and shared).  However, it didn't keep me down until this afternoon, which is when I found some solace basking in the radiant sun.

All the boxes are off the front porch and it's back to it's pre-move renovation status :o)  Which I am feeling ok about since [if you recall] it looked like this just day before yesterday...

Blue and tan boxes which are full of seasonal decorating items have been placed in their intended home which is the old master closet that we closed in to make a half bath (the opening in the wall behind Ali to the right) it is a bit more finished now and holds all the seasonal decor plus folding tables...

Anyhow the yard no longer has everything all over and you can see the cabinets have been primed and are ready to be installed and painted as soon as the floor goes down which will start tomorrow (yay!)

But it did move over to a new portion of the yard.  Honey is doing great getting the shed set-up as a multi-purpose building; shop/workshop/storage.

Just keeping it real for ya....

Using materials he found during the move and on the property he's built shelves to accommodate the many years of "stuff" we have accumulated.  However, on an even brighter note... today was a momentous day for us on two accounts... I did my first load of laundry here AND...  we took the last load of garbage to the landfill, which means we can turn our van back into the family vehicle instead of the lumber/garbage wagon!  And Syd did it all - working on it all day to look like a car again.

She even steam-cleaned the mats for me!  Such a sweet thing!

I told her that we'll be forever in getting the little bits of drywall dust and crud from the carpets, but it looks wonderful again.  I'm no longer embarrassed to open the back hatch to put groceries in at the store :o)  Another milestone - plumbing is getting done this week!  Startings of it tomorrow - so it'll be bye bye to "the bucket".  Yes, I'll post about the bucket and how we're surviving without plumbing... sometime SOON!  Until then - sweet dreams - I need some sleep!

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