Saturday, April 05, 2014

Ali-ism; A New Brown-E Recipe

I come home from running errands today...
Ali meets me at the door as she puts a covered pan on the table to accompany an already baked pan of brownies.  The following conversation takes place...
ALI:  "I found a new recipe for brownies on Pinterest today, so I made a pan of our standard (just in case the new recipe isn't any good).
ME:  you have them covered, sweet-pea, won't that make them soggy?
ALI:  that's what the recipe said to do...
ME:  well, ok... so can I see them taste them?
ALI:  sure!

(as she uncovers and reveals.... wha-la!  A pan of freshly prepared brown E's!)

And she exclaims:

Ali is the jokester of the family... she can't be serious! Can you tell?
She always keeps me on my toes :o)

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