Sunday, March 16, 2014

Skiing and Decorating

We went skiing last week. Wait - allow me to revise that WE tried to go skiing last week...I made it down the starting slope once and second pass I decided to eat some snow and twist my knee to the point of pain.


However, that first pass down the slope (the first time in 15 years), I looked somewhat like Johnny on the slope for the first time in the Snowball Express - shouting "track, track, get out of the way".

Whoa! It really looks like Dean Jones is skiing!

The temperature was nearly 70 and the snow was slushy, which I've never skied on before.  Slushy snow equals difficult stopping ability.  Hence my twisted knee.  I just threw myself down instead of hitting the ski rack... however, on a brighter note I was able to convince Daniel, Ali, and Syd to stay the rest of the day without me and they had a great time.  Wish we had pictures of the day, but there were far more important things to be concerned with than the camera (like the trees in front of them).


Moving on...

I've been busier than a honey bee on a early spring day decorating our new house... virtually.  We have some remodeling to do so there were things that needed to be purchased, such as: stove, refrigerator, toilets, bathtub, and sinks, hard wood flooring...  And as most of us know - when you're doing things on a budget - those kind of things can be very expensive [brand new] so we always turn to our trusty friend Craig.  He has a list out there that saved us a couple thousand dollars over the past month.  We bought our nearly new fridge, a new gas stove, a 42" x 72" soaker tub, 2 nearly new toilets, a new bath vanity as well as a lot of (would have been) expensive bathroom fixtures.  All of these things less than $900!!!

I'm very excited to begin the demolition - and there's plenty of it to do...

a drawer in one of the bathroom vanities ready to head out

And so excited to share the whole process in this little corner of cyberspace.

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