Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Surprises

 This year was the year of trip-giving, rather than "gift" giving.  
Ali had been wanting to go to Michigan to visit a friend...

We bought a ticket for her and made arrangements with her friend's family. To give her the trip, we printed out a note with a picture of each trip telling them exactly what they were "entitled" to.  
See her surprise on the above picture?  And the sheer excitement on the one below?!?!

Syd's trip was more of a gift-trip.  She'd been wanting an American Girl doll for a couple years - so she got to piggy-back her sister's trip to the airport and stop at the American Girl store in D.C.  
I don't think she understood exactly what was happening the same way her sister did.  
Stay tuned to meet the American Girl...

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