Friday, September 13, 2013

First Adventure Via Air

They went to see some friends that live in Colorado - 
which meant their very first plane ride.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Disney In Summary

Ok.  We did the WHOLE Disney experience, folks.  And when I say the whole thing, I mean the WHOLE shebang.  We've decided if we were to do it again we wouldn't do a five day pass again.  We would do a three day pass and rest during those off days - sight seeing and making use of the pool and hot tub at the house we rented.

We did the princess meet and greet.  Our Their favorite was Rapunzel.

Let me just say... if anyone tells you that Disney can't be done under $5000 - they're wrong.  As long as you're willing to give a little.  We did the entire experience for just over $2000.  Each day we packed lunch and dinner.  Part of our renting a house was so that I could prepare the meals and use our normal food budget (from home) for our eating budget in the sunshine state!  We found shelter from the heat in the back of the locker area because (1) it wasn't peak season and there weren't that many people in the park to be using all the lockers (2) it was air conditioned.  I can't begin to tell you how welcomed those COLD [hard] floors were after hours of walking the streets of the park.  Getting up off those floors?   Another story entirely....  We even enjoyed very tame lunch-time guests!

He liked the homemade bread, but didn't like the organic dill pickle slices.

I did the Disney experience twice while I was growing up.  I vividly remember loving the Hall of Presidents and Carousel of Progress.  My memory did not deceive me - I still hold them as my favorites!!!  As so do my girls... gotta love that!

They just look SO real...

One of the reasons we decided on doing the Magic Kingdom twice was because two attractions were closed certain days and we really wanted the girls to say they'd done it all.  The electric light parade was not running (remember we didn't go during peak season) the first day we were there and Space Mountain was not running the other day - so we went twice.  Besides - when you buy four day passes... buying an extra day, making it a five day pass only cost us an extra four dollars!

Of course we did the Chevy test track experience (a couple of times).  Pretty neat!

Mickey and Minnie were most gracious hosts when we went to see them.  We were the first ones there that morning so so had a few extra minutes to share with them.

Can you tell she likes that water ride?

We were all suppose to put our hands up, but I was only one that couldn't get myself to.  We went on it one more time and decided that was enough - it went backwards and we were all sick to our stomachs when we got off the ride.   

What's this guy's name again - I remember he's from Lion King.  Oh! And see that green bottle Sydney is holding?  We learned the first day that the water was NOT good so we stopped at Target on the way in and bought four Brita filter bottles.  Magic Kingdom water was AWFUL!  Can you say sulfur...

We, inadvertently, got to see the daytime parade too, but we didn't mean to - it just happened that way when they shut the street off while we were inside a shop and we couldn't cross.  Drat...

My mother felt so sorry for us because we were "so tight" and didn't allow ourselves any eating out money that she sent us $100 via Paypal and explicitly instructed to use it to go out to eat one time - AND ENJOY.  She further explained that it would make that day a happier day.  So we chose to go to the Rainforest Cafe.  A cheeseburger, fries, and soft drink for each of us - and then this dessert to share.  
Our final bill (with gratuity) $115.36.

The experience was one of a kind though... wouldn't do it again, but glad we did it once. 

All in all, the vacation was a hit for all of us.  Only three blisters developed and nobody got hurt.  We will never forget our time together.  One of the most memorable times was ON the way... we stopped at a local Dollar General and picked up some shoe polish and let people know what our plan was...

Everyone got to decorate their own window including labels of their birth order (child #1, child #2).  From that point on we were NOTICED.  We had folks honking at us, waving, giving us the thumbs up...

We even found a couple from the UK trying to get a picture of themselves with our van in the picture!  We politely offered to take their sought-after picture for them, which made their evening.  Ours too, really.  We laughed about that for the rest of the night.  

Have you been to Disney?  World or Land?  Is there a real difference between the two Magic Kingdoms?
Do share....

Monday, September 02, 2013

We're Not At Home

Can you guess where we are?

Monday = Magic Kingdom (Fantasy Land & Tomorrow Land)

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