Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Visitors

For a long while now, we've been hearing sweet little sounds from our fireplace.  The sounds have made for a very curious household (dad, mom, daughters, dog, and cat).  Daniel and Sydney mustered up the courage to climb on the roof and look down the chimney to see if we had a family of bats living with us.  He was quite relieved to find out it's just a family of swallows.  He captured some pictures (as good as he could looking down an old, dirty chimney).  Not sure who is who, but we know there are four birds living with us.

a picture of either Momma or Daddy
 Did you know swallows are monogamous birds?

A picture of the other adult
Glad to have learned that - we don't approve of living together outside of marriage...

baby 1 of 2
... people or otherwise!!!

baby 2 of 2
 Just sayin' :)

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