Friday, July 05, 2013

Ali-ism; On Driving In Rain

It was Daniel's birthday the first week of July.  We decided it was time that we take him to his favorite places for a change - so we headed to all the "guy stores" that we knew he liked.  

During the trip it started pouring down rain profusely.  I was driving so he could play with his GPS and tell me where each and every geo-cache along the way was and what the name of it was.

During this torrential downpour the van began hydro-planing and everyone became a tad uneasy.  I informed Ali to never put on the brakes, just take your foot off the gas and steer the car in the rightful direction until it stopped.  A few moments later bigger-than-life-dully-truck went past us going way too fast for the current weather conditions and splashed water so deep I couldn't see anything.  The car seemed to go dark momentarily there was so much water.  The wipers did their job and we were back on our way, getting ready to pull in the parking lot.  And of course being the A#1 driving teacher that I am I asked Ali again - what would you have done in that situation, how would you have handled it?

And she answered in her typical Ali-Wit:


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