Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Many Scenes of Christmas

The calm before the storm; Christmas Eve night.  
Children were nestled all snug in their beds while visions of Wii games danced in their heads.... OK, they didn't [exactly] know they were getting a Wii, but I suppose they were really hoping for one!!!!  

Sydney says "Can we start?  I know I got a Nancy Drew game, but I can't tell which one it is...".  
Ali says "Mom, this stocking was great while I was growing up, but 
it's a little embarrassing for me at almost 18!"

Oooohhhh Cato!  Yay!  Clothes and jewelry to match!  
"I got everything I wanted this year - and things that I didn't realize I wanted!"

I love it all SOOOOO... much!

Me in my many layers trying to stay warm and not liking how the baked french toast turned out!

What's that Ali?  You broke what while you were playing table-top ping pong 
with your dad in the dining room?

Oh, that's what you broke while you were playing table-top ping pong
with your dad in the dining room.

Where's Dad you ask?  Why, he's outside looking at the mountains like a child
looking at the many jars in candy store - l.o.n.g.i.n.g. to get into them!


  1. you just had to add that *i* broke the ornament :P great post mom!!!

    love ya!
    ali <3

  2. Tell Ali I think she is pretty talented to be able to break a hole in the glass ornament and not shatter it. Looks like everyone had a great Christmas.

  3. Bless you. May the blood of our dear savior wash over you-wash away any sins.He loves you.


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